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Glasto Baby


My wife informs me that nobody says "Glasto baby", they may say "Vegas baby" although I thinks the whole "... baby" has been stolen from Austin Powers "Yeah! baby". Matt Smith did say "Glastonbury, what up baby? when he introduced and then joined Orbital to play the Dr Who theme tune there in 2010.

Today I finally got to Glastonbury, not the famous music festival although it is on my bucket list to attend one day.

I was here instead to climb the "Tor" and visit the remaining tower of the 14th century St Michael's Church.

Long ago the Tor was surrounded by water and known as the Isle of Avalon and if the name Avalon sounds familiar popular myth says that Avalon is the last resting place of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. Thus Glastonbury Tor could well be the resting place of Arthur & Guinevere.

In modern times the land surrounding the Tor was drained and turned into farm land. The wet weather at this time of year has a lot of that land flooded, a reminder that this was once a island. A huge section of that farm land (Worthy Farm) is used most years for the Glastonbury Festival of course. I say most years because while the festival will celebrate 50 years next year, every three to five years the land is left fallow for a year so that it can recover by all the abuse it suffers from 200,000 attendees.

The long climb (~300 steps) up the Tor (518 ft) was good exercise with amazing views and photographic opportunities. Very cold and windy, which was to be expected even though I didn't have the headgear to cover my ears and we did get a sprinkle of rain when setting off.

Overall, recommended if you happen to be in England, especially if you are into mythology and in particular the legends of King Arthur. Also, you could also go to the music festival if that (and mud and rain) are your thing.

Here's a quick iPhone shot I took at the top...



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