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Giving Back Power

Days sheltering in place: 58
Days to normality: 20 (at least)

First off, congratulations to @KTamas for being the first to 500 days. Well done.

We lost power in the early hours of the morning yesterday. I know this only because neighbors were talking about it online and I received a notification on my phone.

I have been waiting for a power outage to test something. When there were rolling blackouts last year due to wildfire risks we never had the power turned off.

As part of my solar panel installation I went for the PowerWall battery backup for two reasons:

  1. When you have a solar power system the utility company forces you into a time-of-day plan where electricity is more expensive at certain times of day and where I live that certain time of day is 4-8pm Mon-Fri. Yes that is the peak time for electricity usage and yes, the sun has as good as set so you have to take power from the grid. This is how they get you, unless you have a battery. If you have a battery you can charge it during the cheap period and use it during the peak period. If you are clever you can charge it using the sun and then during the peak period, use it to power you home and sell power back to the utility at peak picking - even if you have to buy it back later to charge the battery again during the cheap period. This is playing them at their own game to your advantage.

  2. You get a whole house UPS. The power can go out and as long as the sun rises the next day I can go forever without needing any power from the grid. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, I can go a couple of days.

The notification on my phone was to tell me that we ran - unexpectedly - on battery power for 30 minutes, and nothing happened.

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