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Getting Lazy

Days sheltering in place: FIFTY.
Days to normality: 26 (at least)

Three of my lilies have opened.


When we brought our house there was a large circular planter in the garden. I didn’t think anything of it other than that one day it might come in handy. The following spring three lilies appeared. We almost missed them because the planter was not really in view of the living room. I fixed that the next year and we had more. I don’t do anything other than water than once a week during the summer months and ignore them in winter, but ever year there are more. I think there will be twenty-four this year.

I used to go out for a two mile walk most days. At least five, with a longer hike at the weekends. The easiest way to get me to do this was make sure that we needed something to buy. I could walk to the store, buy what we needed and walk home again.

Since Covid-19 two things have happened, (a) there is less items on the shelves so the chance of a successful shop is much lower and (b) having to queue, keep a distance from everyone else, wear a mask has made shopping an unpleasant experience. I used to go shopping once a week with my wife for groceries and we don’t do that anymore.

As I now don’t enjoy shopping, I am not motivated to go for my daily walks, thus I am getting lazy. The only real motivation is that I am gaining weight and my BMI is officially shot. Still it is too easy to turn into a couch potato at the end of a hectic workday.

Nevertheless, after much deliberation my wife paused the TV and refused to restart it as I needed to go for a walk, and I thank her for this. Not to make my walk worthless I went to Target to get some fresh coffee beans.

On the way home I stopped by my local Lowes and picked up a garden pole, hummingbird feeder, bottle of nectar and some seeds. We get a lot of birds in the garden and many hummingbirds. Karen has been eager to attract more, and these were some of the requested items on the shopping list. The seeds are for planting, not feeding the birds.


Photo Copyright Karen Phoenix, from our garden. They move so damn fast.


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