1 year ago 🥁 for day 199, 2020 with 219 words.


Days sheltering in place: 123
Ants in the kitchen: NONE!!!!
Keyboarding: live rendition of chopsticks

It's my birthday, and I'll cheat (a little) if I want to.

People, Buildings, Litter, Earth
        Window, Staircase, Magic, Birth

Kitchen, Sleeping, Laughter, Tears
        Airplane, Paper, Coffee, Beer

Singpost, Future, Money, Skill
        Burlocks, Mermaid, Power, Will

Billboard, Make-up, Plastic, Cheat
        Traffic, Headlight, Danger, Heat

Longing, Lustful, Stranger, Touch
        Passion, Weakness, Closer, Clutch

Oneness, TV..., Preacher, Glee
        Music, Jesus, Gasoline

Father, Figure, Flowers, Bee
        Babies, Women, Sharing, Three

Panic, Fever, Shivers, Cold
        Soundness, Trusting, Heaven, Love

        — Trainstop by Frost, listen here

I found this on Spotify according to my records, and as I'm not a fan of Spotify I suspect I found it on Låpsley's playlist. The song seems simple, yet magical, and somehow the singers even make the word "gasoline" sound like something special.

And as it is my birthday and I'm a fan of Låpsley (you should check out her stuff anyway), here is a photo of myself with Holly (that's her real name, Låpsley is her middle name) post gig in San Francisco, where I finally reveal that I am actually, The Stig, much to the British road-crews amusement.


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