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Friday 13th

Today - the day I am writing this - is Friday 13th. Apparently this is meant to be a bad day. How I have no idea why, after all everybody's biorhythms can't all have a triple crossing point on the same day. There again if you believe in biorhythms I have some software I wrote as a kid I can sell you.

International Programmers Day

Yes, we have our day. This year it is Friday September 13th. In true programing style it is:

Hexadecimal: 100th day of the year
Octal: 400th day of the year
Binary: 1,0000,0000th day of the year

And for those of you that use Decimal it is the 256th day of the year. For mathematicians that would be 2^8.

Next year it will be on September 12th because it is a leap year.

Know a software engineer? Find them and thank them. Without them we wouldn't have gone to the moon and you would still be using a rotary phone connected to the wall. You'd be less addicted and probably reading more books, but that isn't our fault.

Test your backups day

You do backup your files don't you? OK, don't answer that - I'll assume the answer is yes, because like bacon the only acceptable answer is yes.

But do you know if you backups work? If you don't restore anything from your backups you'll never know. The day you need to restore something is not the day to find out and yes it has been known for people to backup regularly for years only to find out that their backups were useless.

Use your backup software and restore something. Doesn't matter what it is, pick a file, restore it, open it, does it look OK? Great your backups work. Check again every Friday 13th.

Go Live Day

On September 13th 2012 we - the company that I work at - went live with the first patients in our EMR software. Seven years, 7700 tickets & 14,000 check-in's, 140 official + various hot fix - releases and one entire cross-country server migration later we are still here, still using the same underlying architecture, DB's and code. Some of it is indeed 7 years old and it still just keeps going. Our servers have been up for 879 days (2.4 years) without a reboot, and that's only because we moved them. Otherwise they would have been up for 7+ years.

Friday 13th, I look you in the face and laugh!


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