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Food Über

Today was a lazy day. I'm on vacation / holiday so should be getting some rest and relaxation. We're in the third of our five hotels with everything being good so far. The windows don't open, which is annoying as I always like fresh (outside) air, especially when sleeping. Without it I wake up with a headache or sinus or both. At this hotel - despite the windows not opening - this hasn't happened, yet.

We considered getting up for breakfast but as neither of us were feeling that hungry - post stuffing ourselves silly with Christmas Lunch yesterday - we decided to stay in bed, eat junk Christmas snacks and watch re-runs of Top Gear.

Eventually we got up to go see the latest Star Wars movie at the theatre 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

Without any spoilers I'll say that the movie was OK and a nice wrap up of the entire saga. If you are a fan of star wars you should go and see it, it's not bad, but it's also not Part IV. Better than parts I, II & II (of course), but any other Star Wars movie is better than those.

After a short stroll in the drizzle post movie, we ate a late lunch at the local Weatherspoons. It was an interesting experience. Walk in, pick any table you want, order whatever you want using your smartphone, pay for it when you order - they take ApplePay - wait until your food arrives, eat it, order more if you need and eventually just leave. The whole system assumes that you have a working smartphone - I assume they have a manual ordering backup system at the bar - but really speeds up:

  • Seating
  • Ordering
  • Food Arrival
  • Paying

All of the above are well observed bottlenecks in restaurants so I found this a neat way of solving them. Also no tip which is always a good thing. It means that the wait staff are paid a decent wage by their employer instead of being dependant on being paid by the customers.

Maybe Weatherspoons has become the Über of the "reasonably priced and quality" food establishment. I suspect I'll be back.


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