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Exercise: Christmas Shopping.
Keyboard: frosty played badly.

Actually the runs on Frosty the Snowman are actually quite fun. They are short but for somebody with barely any skills, if I succeed in getting to the end of a few bars I'm a happy man.

Saturday we woke up, to fog which burnt off.

Sunday we woke up to fog, which burnt off.

Monday we woke up to dense fog, which eventually burnt off by 2pm and we had warm sun and blue skies. By 4pm we had even denser fog than the morning. The temperature outside was 45°F (7°C) which may not be cold by European standards but for 4pm in the afternoon in California, that was cold, so I went shopping.

As we are not leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow I was sent out to buy food for Christmas Dinner which will be eaten as Lunch and I will be cooking it, consuming it, and then relaxing by a log fire and watching Wonder Woman 1984. I know nothing about Wonder Woman although 1984 is my time period and while I'm not a fan of the superhero genre, I'm sure I will do just fine.

Today was a spare the air day, presumably because of the fog. Tuesday is a spare the air day so I'm expecting fog tomorrow as well. A spare the air day in winter means you can't burn wood. If they issue a spare the air day for Christmas day I will be miffed, It wouldn't be the first time as they did exactly that in 2017.

Due to the fog we only got about 7 KWh of solar power instead of the normal 16 KWh we get in winter. We use about 13 KWh per day so most days we are OK. Not on dense foggy days it would seem.

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