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Fly vs Drive

Last October I flew down to LA, rented a car, drove to Huntington Beach, watched the airshow - essentially the Red Arrows - drove back to the airport and flew home. Well, I drove to the airport and back also. A friend commented that Greta would be horrified by my lack of concern for the environment and the damage air travel does. My thoughts were that it was none of Greta's business, the Red Arrows only visit the US every 10-15 years and I was not going to miss them. Plus the flights were completely full, so the environmental cost was shared amongst a few hundred people. If they had done a full display in San Franciso I wouldn't have needed to go at all.

In yesterdays post I discussed my latest plans to fly down to LA for the day. After hitting publish it occurred to me that I could do something different - especially as I drive an electric car. I was remembered a couple who had places in both LA and San Franciso. It didn't take them long to work out that driving was quicker than flying.

The cost to drive down there, rent a car, buy gas, etc is approximately $300. I would spend a good 5-6 hours in each direction getting there for a four-hour event.

It takes 5-6 hours to drive to LA from my house and would cost about $20 in electricity. Thus I could drive there, attend the event and drive back, thus saving about $250, a bunch of jet fuel and all that stress at the airports / car rental suttle / etc.

If I spend the savings on hotels both myself and my wife can make the trip, have fun for a couple of days in LA and she can help out with the driving if I get tired.

And that is what we are going to do. I cancelled the flight and car rental and booked us a couple of nights in LA.

Hopefully, would Greta would approve.

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