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Flat Bars

Days of COVID: 327
Exercise: Err, housecleaning?
Welsh word of the day: siopwr (Shop or Shopkeeper depending on the context)

OK, can somebody track down the lazy musician who decided that marking a flat note just the once in a bar was good enough and everyone would remember that for the rest of the bar. Yes, I understand it is meant to make the score look "cleaner", and it's only four beats so how many notes are you seriously going to have to remember this for because the next bar starts, not many.

Lazy I call it, just plain, ordinary lazy. How hard is it to put those extra flats and #'s on the notes for idiots like me that are trying to play with two hands, totally different notes or chords and you want us to remember that a previous note that you are not marking with tha flat or # is actually a flat or sharp because it was the last time I played it somewhere in the bar.

Do you think that with all the stuff that I am trying to remember, like which note position represents which note and which finger on which hand that could possibly be - which of course depends on whether I'm playing in C-Major or F-Major.

You think I am going to remember what happened two notes ago.

Who are you Mozart?

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