1 year ago 🥁 for day 234, 2020 with 250 words.

And Then There Were Three

Days sheltering in place: 158.
Exercise: nope (it Friday, rest day).
Keyboard practice: touched the keys, even if they were on my iPad.

Another big number is coming. Today is the nine hundred and ninety ninth post, With Saturday being the six hundredth, which I might write earlier in the day, just to get the new award. Yes there is a new award, or so Owen tells me. Kirstine may already have the award if the rather dodgy counts on her status page are to be believed.

I don’t know if KTamas has stopped writing.. I know he was writing private posts but seems to have fallen off the leader board with no easy way to check. I checked in with him about a week ago, he is a live and making do the best that one can in years like this one. He still posts on twitter a lot so I definitely know he is alive even if he not wring. I miss his media summaries because now I have no idea what to watch. Reading his monthly summary guides was like having my own private reviewer who knew my tastes.

Looks like Bartosz has “fallen off the writing wagon”, having too much fun back in Poland maybe.

Not to discount those with very long streaks that will get to six hundred not far after those that started New Years Day last year.

See you next Friday on the Chatty Writers Skype call everyone.


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