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First New Post

This - as the title says - is my first post, on my new MacBook. The new shiny, which is probably a decent computer name and I should remember that for next time. In the end, I decided to call the machine "Razor Crest" and therefore named the hard-drive "Mando".

My old machine (MegaDoDo / TheBook) lives on for now, which is handy. I now have a MacBook on each floor of the house.

The migration - which was done using a TimeMachine backup - was relatively painless. Actually massive kudos to Apple Engineering for how easy they make it. Yes, the progress bar said it would take 31 hours, whereas in fact it probably took 4-5, but that was OK. My original machine wasn't tied up as I was restoring from an external drive. As long as I remembered to either (a) only do web stuff or (b) iCloud stuff it would all sync to the new machine.

A few apps needed their licences re-entering. Fantastical really had a bad time being migrated but everything came over in the end. I have a heavily customized developer setup with web servers, MySQL DB servers, node, npm, a slew of CLI tools, custom SSL certs, hosts files, DNS config and the like. Far removed from your average user's setup. It was almost painless. I was actually surprised at how painless it was. Yes I know, containers would have solved all of that. Not today, probably not this year.

Making sure my backups migrated were a whole different ball of wax.

  1. TimeMachine to a Network Drive - this would be a new backup so both my old and new machines would use the same network drive.

  2. TimeMachine to standalone Drive - I would inherit the TM backup from my old machine. The new machine would continue, the old machine would only backup to Arq Cloud.

  3. ARQ - this was the easiest, turn it off on my old machine, leave it on on my new machine.

  4. Arq Cloud Backup - messy. Had to hand edit some JSON config files and it will involve a whole backup of my new machine, but it is liveable.

  5. SuperDuper - not sure what I am going to do here as the SSD I use for SuperDuper is probably going to be too small. Maybe time to invest in a new 1TB SSD for this.

My old machine will be limited to iCloud or web-based stuff only so no real backup needed, but I'll run at least two because, well just because that is who I am.

The new machine is really nice BTW. Great display, decent keyboard, blindingly fast drive, and a fast 6-core CPU. This thing flys for the stuff I use.


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