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First Four Bars

Days sheltering in place: 61
Days to normality: 17 (at least)

Touch the keys every day they say. Even if you don't press them, at least touch them.

Every day I ignore the keys on my keyboard for the keys on my keyboard.

The way to learn a new skill, they say, is to practice every day. That's why I'm here. I wanted to improve my writing. I don't try very hard, but I do turn up every day in the hope that something magical will happen. After all, I learnt to write in school, it's just a matter of time right.

If the 10,000 hour rule is true - which it certainly isn't - if we assume it takes about twenty minutes to write a post, I will need to turn up every day for over 9 years.

I have been writing for just over five hundred days. I edit my posts - most days - and some days I recognize that the structure is all wrong and go about recognizing my ideas into something less boring.

Learning to play a musical instrument is different, completely different. Just over two years ago I took up playing a keyboard again having talked about it for years and having my hand forced by receiving a nice Roland Midi keyboard as a Christmas present. I say again because I used to play a little back when I was eighteen. I'm learning again because everything I knew back then has gone. It seems it isn't the same as riding a bike.

In the last two years I haven't tried hard. I have tried various learning tools with little luck. I don't read music, and I'm unlikely to ever do so. Consequently, everything must be memorized or lost. I was always under the impression that rote practice was the answer in this situation to the point that the "music is in your figures".

After mostly ignoring my keyboard for two years, today I decided to give it another go. I had two goals, both related to pieces of music that I always wanted to play. Both of which I knew I wouldn't be able to play without a lot of practice, but I could start today.

The second piece was the theme tune to WestWorld. The skeleton made it look so easy and it has a slow enough pace.

The primary piece was Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor. Something I fell in love with when I heard it as the opening for Rollerball (the original, not the crappy remake). It has a slow pace plus fast fiddly bits. The slow bits I can cope with.

After practice, practice, practice and more practice. I can pretty much murder the first four bars of both pieces.

If I practice more I hope to be able to destroy the first 8 bars soon enough. We'll see (or rather hear).

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