5 months ago 🥁 for day 216, 2021 with 226 words.


Exercise: None
Piano Song of the day: Fireworks by Katy Perry (216/257 both hands)

Fireworks is a fast song, and I can pretty much play the right hand without thinking too hard, so now I have to slowly do bits of the left hand until I have it all cracked. I might not like the song, but there are many things in life that we do that we don't like, and if this enables me to be able to play any song better then it is worth the thousand attempts that it will take to play all 257 notes - some of them the black keys, go flats!

In other news @owen promised to fix the export for us. As mentioned earlier, it's a SendGrid e-mail thing, but he did promise. He didn't say when it would be fixed and I know he is going to be busy for the next couple of months, but a promise is a promise() and I'll keep bugging him until it is resolved.

Here is the promise.

Today I thought of a really good subject, and then I forgot. I think it was while I was wheeling the bins back up the driveway, and... nope that didn't trigger it, I have no idea what it was, but I typed two hundred words so that's a wrap for today.

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