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Infrared Happiness

Exercise: Shopping.
Keyboard: Scribblings Sonata.

I almost forgot how to play the imperial March, then it came back to me, whew. Only the important bars you understand, I'm a two-four bars kind of musician.

My aim at this point - other than to learn another song I have in mind - is to be able to play my Sonata in the dark, that is without looking at the keys, just like touch typing I believe that it is possible to achieve, with enough practice.

Tonight is the night that signifies that winter is officially on its way, and we're just going to have to deal with it.

Fire has been the source of heat, from the time it was discovered as a source of heat until now and into the future,

Back in my grandparents day it would have been a coal fire from coals that the coalman delivered to the house each day. The fire light in the evening and the grate cleaned out in the morning. All very downton abbey, but that's how they lived.

In my parents day, it would have been a gas fire, vented into the chimney stack that originally would have had a coal fire. Later they would have hot water filled radiators for central heating.

For myself, I've either had radiators and a gas fire - in my home in England - radiators in my flat in Wales, no heat source whatsoever in my house in the Caribbean and where I live now in California I have forced hot air from a furnace which is distributed around the house using a big blower fan.

And I have a fireplace, in which I, on occasion, light a log fire.

Tonight is the night I lit the paper under the kindling that sat under the logs that have sat there prepared since last year waiting for the moment when I said to Karen, I'm cold, should we light the fire.

Central heating may heat the house, but a real fire gives off wafts of infrared happiness that warms the body and the soul.

Yes, nothing beats a real log fire.


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