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Days sheltering in place: 157.
Exercise: 10 miles on a bike (indoors).
Keyboard practice: E A E, E F E, E A E C E D E D E F C, C D C

Yes I started new tune and like any good JavaScript engineer who doesn't like the current frameworks, I invented my own, or in this case musical notation. This one is fast, but if I can pull it off I'll be happy.

Every year the USA / Caribbean suffers from "Hurricane Season" which peaks in early September. With the warming of the oceans, this will only get worse.

The mid-west gets Tornados. These are worse as unlike Hurricanes where you can "see" them coming - thank you satellites and science - Tornadoes not until they form, although you know the kind of weather patterns that cause them.

California has earthquakes from which you get no warning.

California also has wildfires - you may have even seen them in the news and if you watched Apple TV+'s Morning Show you will have seen them featured.

It's that time of year again and while the nearest one to me is the SCU Lighting Complex it is nothing in size compared to the LNU Lightning Complex.

How did it start? Previous times it has been idiots or a powerline, this time it was last weekends the lightning storm. By this time of the year the ground is very dry and everything that has fallen off trees and the like are all very dry. This is known as the "fuel load". It hasn't rained for months, it is very hot (100ºF / 40+ºC) and some wind. One spark and the whole lot goes up. Oh did I mention that we build houses out of wood here for earthquake safety.

Even worse, you can get Firenadoes, which is a tornado during a wildfire.

I'm safe and my house isn't about to get burnt down, but plenty of places do have mandatory evacuations, during which you may not have a house to come back to.

Today was at least cooler, but for the wrong reason. The smoke filled air from fires 100+ miles away is blocking out the sun.

I didn't go outside and I could still smell the smoke from the fires hundred+ mile away. Tomorrow won't be any better.

Here is my air quality, when it averages 22, which is pretty clean, you can imagine what this number is like:


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