2 months ago for day 213, 2020 with 279 words.


Days sheltering in place: 137.
Exercise: None.
Keyboarding: D E C, A.. B G, D E C, A.. B G, D E C, A.. B A Ab G, big chord.

Yes, Scott Joplin would be horrified to hear me bang out those notes. Maybe if I really really practice I can play a simplified version as I really can't seem to get past the first few bars of anything. This is mainly due to the fact that the first few bars are often simple and then the composition gets complicated fast. Plus they expect you to use two hands, and feet. Come on. Leaving the sustain effect on in garage band does seem to cover a bunch of mistakes.

It's Friday again. Which is odd because on Thursday it felt like Friday and then today - Friday - it felt like Monday. I really hope so a I have tons to do:

  • Fix the garden fence
  • Disassemble the downstairs couch, move upstairs
  • Move the Dining Table to where the couch was
  • Move Karen's Craft table & cubes downstairs
  • Put up the new shelves in the bedroom
  • Pump up the tire on my car
  • Replace the inner tube on my bike
  • Swap the wheels on my bike with Karen's old bike
  • List Karen's old bike for sale
  • Replace all the ant traps around the house perimeter
  • Put up the new outdoor security camera
  • Feed the new lawn food that arrived today to the lawn
  • Take out the trash
  • Trim the hedges
  • Water the roses
  • Practice my piano work
  • Bills and reconciliation
  • Claim two free burgers
  • Exercise
  • etc

Come back tomorrow to see how much I actually got done.


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By Yorick Phoenix

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