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Goodbye TV

Days of COVID: 307.
Exercise: Shopping.
Welsh phrase of the day: Dw i'n dwisgo siwmper a menig (I'm wearing a jumper and gloves).

I grew up in the UK where we had three TV Channels (BBC1, BBC2 & ITV) and later they added Channel 4. They weren't 24 hour and apart from the BBC they had adverts (or commercials depending on what you call them in your country). Essentially TV was free, except it wasn't. To fund the BBC you paid an annual TV licence which nowadays is about $17 a month.

Later cable came to the UK, and satellite dishes and then even later started streaming TV over the Internet. You could have more choice is you paid a little more.

In the US with an aerial you could get a few basic channels (ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX) for free and if you wanted more you had cable, which came in packages, which could easily mount up to $150 a month without blinking an eye.

I've never been a big "TV" guy, but I enjoy movies and documentaries and quality shows of which there seem to be a lot in the last couple of years, with Apple TV+ producing some great stuff, along with Amazon Prime, NetFlix and HBO (who, to be honest, always produced great quality shows).

Back in 2017 in my new home I had a nice big TV, but no TV service, and I didn't want one either. I had NetFlix and that was enough. Then AT&T offered me a deal of 120+ channels (basically everything that existed) for $35 a month and they would throw in an AppleTV for free if I kept the service for three months? How could I lose, right?

Initially the service was janky as they ironed out the kinks and I beta tested new versions of their app for them but overall it was a good service. I could literally watch everything, and they had a cloud DVR that was buggy but worked.

Then slowly over time they increased the price. First to $40, then $50 then last year to $60. It seems that the price I should be paying is $85 but I'm grandfathered in on my plan and get a $15 discount.

The thing is, I still don't watch much TV and most shows are available the next day for free on the web. I have HBO free as part of my phone plan (as AT&T owns HBO), and I have Apple TV+, Display+, Amazon Prime & NetFlix. Why would I want to watch / record liveTV? The olympics, and BBC America that is why but apart from that, why bother. Live TV is dead. Most of what you would consider domestic TV is dead - or at least to me.

It would seem that we can get ABC for free, CBS for $6 / month, BritBox / AcornTV for $10 and maybe something else for another $5. Anyway, for about $20 a month we can watch the stuff that we use the service for and save $480 a year to spend on other things that entertain us more than an annoying line item on my credit card bill.

AT&T Now, you are officially cancelled.

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