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Everything Dies

Exercise: Not Really
Piano Song of the day: Not today either

Nothing lasts forever. Well, information my last forever. Newtons' three laws of motion will probably last forever. Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics will probably still apply well into the future - assuming we can build positronic brains. Buildings last a very long time, but not forever. They may be knocked down, or like my old school in Germany, they may be left to slowly deteriorate until they fall down - it can't be knocked down as it is a listed building, but nobody is interested in repairing it.

Bands come and go, obviously, they can't last forever, as humans (and all living organisms) have a limited lifespan.

Services come and go, anybody here remember CompuServe, or AOL, or MySpace. Eventually, Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter will be unimportant or if they are successful they will evolve into something else that isn't what we know them as today, but they'll be gone even if the name lives on.

The company I started and helped run for nine years is gone, as are all the wonderful products that we created. All gone. All the staff moved on to other companies or started their own.

I thought my keyboard had died the other day, never to work again, but it turned out to only be a faulty charging light and it needed charging. Green seemed to indicate fully charged, but not, so I charged it some more, and now it seems OK again. It lives on for another posting to be typed on it.

Maybe good art lasts forever, as for as long as it can until the materials it is made out of fade from the exposure to light.

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