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Bumped To Eventually

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In December 2018 I created a ticket in our Development Ticket system for something that needed doing. It wasn't urgent, nothing was broken, everything still worked, but if we implemented this ticket life would be better for all of the engineering staff. It would undoubtedly be better for the DevOps staff also.

I'm not exactly sure how many times the ticket was bumped to the next release as one of those "maybe in the next release we'll have time things". A quick glance seems to indicate that it was probably around thirty-seven times. That is a lot of bumping.

Nevertheless, persistence pays off, and tonight after we pushed our new release I was able to satisfactorily mark the ticket as complete. It is done, finally.

The details of the ticket aren't that important. It involved some changes to the code base and it involved some changes to our server infrastructure which meant that a lot of planning had to be done so that there would be zero downtime for our customers. This is one of the reasons the ticket just kept getting bumped and bumped and bumped.

But it can't be bumped anymore.

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