1 year ago 🥁 for day 318, 2020 with 269 words.


Exercise: work stress.
Keyboard: oxygene pt IV.

While I type this in bed on my iPad, my computer is being upgraded to the latest macOS release (Big Sur), which according to the timer will take 29 minutes, but I know quite well that it will actually probably take a couple of hours. Hopefully everything will be OK in the end and my development environment won’t be destroyed. I’ve been through this 5+ times before so I’m used to which configuration files Apple mess with and what is likely to need to be fixed. In advance of the upgrade I made an image copy using SuperDuper and make sure I had at least one recent TimeMachine backup.

Meanwhile Karen’s iPhone 12 Pro Max BigBoi arrived today. It certainly is bigger than my pro, which makes it nice to use for browsing, but still quite large. Karen got it for the camera as she is an avid photographer but may downsize to the Pro - I think we have 14 days to decide on that.

Interestingly the eSIM experience, which I expected would mean a trip to our local AT&T store was handled automatically. There was a couple of hours where she couldn’t get texts but after that everything worked perfectly. Yet another almost seamless migration from her old phone.

Plus, after two years of working on it, I finally got the big tree that overhangs the roof and chimney cut-back. I might be slow, I might take my time getting an item on my ToDo list done, but eventually they do get done, eventually.

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