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Exercise: more painting...
Piano Song of the day: New World Symphony (113/137)

113 of 137 doesn't sound too close, but I have actually played all 137 notes. The problem - as usual - is the left hand on the bridge (do they call them that in classical music?). Nevertheless, given a few more days I will be able to complete this composition and I will be a happy clam. I really do find these simple classical pieces very satisfying to play - if only really badly.

Q: What can you do as a software engineer to help save the environment?

I figure everybody should be doing whatever they can to help save the environment and to that end, we all recycle as much as we can, and in my case, I have solar panels on my house and drive an electric car (yes I know the mining of the lithium and other materials like cobalt are an issue and if only hydrogen cars were actually financially viable....).

Anyway, that brings me to the question of whether there is something we can do as part of our careers to help save the environment.

Often during code reviews, I point out more efficient ways of executing the logic or the algorithm without affecting readability or maintainability. I wonder why I do this. Computers are incredibly powerful nowadays that inefficient code seems to be widely accepted as "OK" yet for me it isn't. I come from a time when computers were really slow and 4K or even 16K or memory was a lot - even the original Macintosh only had 128K. You wrote your code to be efficient and conservative with memory.

As computers got more memory, doubled in speed every few years, and had an almost endless amount of disk space - which also got faster all the time - it became OK to write big bloated pieces of software that ran OK given how fast computers were running.

The thing is you can see this with many many websites, they are slow, or they are slow to load - even this one takes seven seconds to load the home page, and I still haven't figured out why it is so bad.

A: Don't write sloppy lazy code. Write good clean efficient code.

That's right, good clean efficient code uses less CPU power. Less CPU power means less power consumption. Less power consumption means that we are dependent on less dirty power sources.

So be a good software engineer when writing your code, do whatever you can to help save the environment, now that you know how you can do your part.

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