2 years ago 🥁 for day 130, 2020 with 269 words.


Days sheltering in place: 54
Days to normality: 22 (at least)

No lilies photo or count today. Probably more than yesterday - which was seventeen - but I didn’t go in the garden today so couldn’t count them. The furthest I achieved today was the end of the driveway to get the junk mail from our mailbox.

Today was uneventful. It’s getting hotter outside (33°C type of thing) but I’ll need to face it tomorrow. As we haven’t had any rain for a while ants are on the hunt for some, which invariably means checking inside out house on the off-chance that we have some. I have the house surrounded with borax based ant traps that I change every two months, except I’m a couple of weeks behind on my “replace ant traps” to do item on my list.

Also I need some exercise. Last week it was a bike ride and and I think this week it will be the same. As long as we set off early enough in the day it shouldn’t be too hot and we’ll do OK.

I can’t complain about the sun really. Our solar panels generate about 30 KwH per day and we use between 6-11 KwH per day so plenty of excess goes to the grid to offset the power we used during the winter when the sun wasn’t so strong. Overall, we should - averaged out over 12 months - generate enough electricity to match our consumption and thus became a zero-carbon household - at least where electricity is involved.

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