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A friend of mine commented on Facebook this morning:

I do not need your product to be empowered. I would have ripped your head off in the 70s, I will rip your head off now. I am really not sure your wrinkle cream will assist me in any way to achieve that meaningful goal.

My mother would rip your head off, my grandmother would have most definitely ripped your head off. Her mother would have needed to have stood on a stool, but she would have gladly done so, if it meant she could rip your head off. If women in our family were any more emflippingpowered we'd need an exclusion zone. Why do people think women need this shit?

This I can believe. When I first knew her she was the lead singer in a rock band in high school. Later she went on the design and author educational books for kids. There was no way she wasn't empowered back then and hasn't changed since.

Which got me thinking about empowerment. I get my friends annoyance with products claiming to empower you. To me this is absolute rubbish. How can a product give you permission to make decisions with authority.

Empowerment to me is when somebody / companies empower somebody / their staff with authority to do things for others / customers without having to seek permission. Companies such as South West and to a certain extent Starbucks are well known for this. Turn up at the gate at 6pm for your 7pm flight and notice that there is a 6:30 flight to you destination as well. Ask an agent if you can get on the other flight and if you are flying SouthWest they'll check if there is a free seat, print you a new boarding pass and direct you to the other gate - I have done this.

At Starbucks order something that isn't on the menu, they'll make it. Ask them to make a hot Latte then pour it over a cup of ice to make an iced latte because you don't like the pre-mixed version. Sure they'll do it. Ask for a Grande drink in a Venti cup, sure.

Or like the Apple Support person who waived a $400 repair fee because their online billing system was quoting a higher price than their own web site was quoting.

That to me is empowerment. The power to do something sensible for the customer that will solve their problem without being a "jobs worth" about it.

Companies that empower their staff I find to be the kind of companies that I want to have dealing with as a customer.

The son of my friend, who knows at least some of the female mothers mentioned in the original comment said:

Growing up in this family has always left me confused why women seem so keen for equality! Why would women want less power?!!

Some think they need to wait for empowerment when they are already empowered. What they need to do is stop others from making them feel they aren't.

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