1 year ago 🏆 for day 49, 2019 with 308 words.

Does practice really makes perfect?

By the end of the year I will deem this a success if I can come up with a concise three hundred word posting that conveys something important to you, the reader.

Writing three hundred words is quite easy, well at least for me. I have a very verbose style. When writing sentences just run away with me as I attempt to explain every single detail and nuance of the subject that I am writing about. I gather that it may not be so easy for others to reach their daily target.

Coming up with three hundred good quality words that are succinct and not waffly in anyway is — I consider — a much harder project. If I just brain dump about weeding the garden or watching the latest Brexit Update from John Oliver the target is easily reached. I can just write out my thoughts as they happen or describe in totally boring detail what I did today. But they are not good quality words, words that I would be proud of, sentences and structures that I would read back and marvel about how I came up with something that good.

I'm not there yet - obviously - but I hope to get there. I have a book, recommenced by @owen which I am slowly reading and making notes about I do so. I don't want to forget the important bits and plan to use them as a checklist to compare my daily words to as a measure of success.

Will I get there, I don't know. The future can't be predicted but I am game to try. I will turn up each day as best I can and put fingers to keyboard to write something that is quite possibly worthy of other peoples valuable time to read.

Does practice really makes perfect?


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