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Does It Count

Days sheltering in place: 95.
Days without ants in the kitchen: 0.
Keyboarding: See below.

If you play your entire repertoire and nobody is there to hear it, did I really play it and if I did were you better off by missing it?

You would only know the answer to that had you been on the Chatty Writers Skype call - apologies to Leonie for tuning up when everyone else ran late - so you’ll never know.

There has been a lot of discussion of late on a Discord server I hang out on - sorry Cat somebody was giving away a couple of spare codes and I was too slow to ask for one for you. The discussions have been mainly about the use ability of the interface, using as a PWA, and discussing bugs. One of the staff from Hey hangs out to converse.

While I have an account and will keep [email protected] forever even though I am unlikely to use the product past the first year I am mixed about it. While in some ways it is e-mail re-invented, it is e-mail with some of it’s issues solved and a lot of its functionality is missing.

I’ve come to the conclusion that so far is it an advanced messaging solution , which makes sense as that is how e-mail started. Whether it will catch on it yet to be discovered.

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