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Discounted Life

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Life of Brian: The Haggle

I've written about this before, but it still bugs me, so I find myself writing about it again.

The price is negotiable. The price advertised in the store is not the price you pay, if you are smart. Of course in most states - but not all - the price in the store is not the price you pay because it doesn't include sales tax, and Americans think this is OK. Thankfully Starbucks includes the sales tax, which is why the price of their drinks are different in every city - and people find that weird.

Moving on. If I shop at Target I pay the price, unless I use my Target RedCard, in which case I get a 5% discount on everything I buy. Same at Amazon. Use any old credit card and I pay full price, use my Amazon Store Card and a 5% discount. Shop online at B&H Photo, prices are prices, but if I use my B&H Store Card, they'll pay the sales tax for me - equal to 9.75% where I live.

And it gets even odder. Some cards offer me 5% back on utility bills, some 6% back on groceries, some 10% on well pretty much everything. It's crazy.

Then of course there are coupons. Don't go shopping in Michaels or JoAnne's with checking the app because the chances are you'll get an easy 25% reduction in the price of what you are buying just by spending a few seconds with their store app to see what the current offers are.

Many stores play this game. Many supermarkets charge one price if you don't use their rewards card and a discounted price if you do. Sure, it means they get to track you, but you can also have one store card and let everyone use it. I share the number on my Safeway card with many people, they all get discounted prices, I get all the rewards and Safeway's tracking system of the products I like is truly screwed. Plus I get an extra 5-6% back because all the credit card companies are trying to outbid each other to get some of those merchant fees.

Tonight a went shopping online at Target with a 10% off everything voucher plus 5% off for using my store card. Who can't resist a flat 15% off when stocking up on household essentials. plus some new shorts.

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