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Days to COVID Maxination: 11
Exercise: Deconstruction Work
Piano Song of the day: Practicing Sam Smith

Yes I'm still playing Sam Smith. While I can play it all the way through most times and it takes a few warm ups with bum notes. I'm determined to sit down and play it from one end to the other with no mistakes and then I'll move on. If I don't crack that soon I'll move on anyway. This is my personal challenge because I know I can play every bar, it's a case of playing every bar every time that's difficult.

The makeshift sheed - or as I believe chicken coop - was here when we brought the house and Karen has been asking me to get rid of it ever since.

If you have never used a chain-saw, you should try it. Under proper adult supervision of course with gloves and glasses and whatever other protection is recommended. The destructive power of a chain saw has to be experienced first hand to be believed.

A few years ago I cut some branches off three of the pine trees in our garden because I didn't like the way they were growing. One was growing sideways across the side yard, one was growing up through a palm tree and I saw it every day through the window when I showered and it annoyed me. The third was growing out of a pine tree in an awkward direction and was making the whole tree just look a big mess.

Having cut them I put them on top of the shed / coop so that they could season for a few years because they could be cut up and used as firewood. In the intervening years they have been exposed to rain and 105°F weather.

Today I decided it was time to cut them up, so I took my trusty chainsaw, took them down from on-top of the shed and sawed away.

Once that was done and the roof was clear I decided that today was the day that I would take the shed apart so that it - at some point in the future - could be hauled away. I wondered whether I would need to go buy a crowbar or whether it would just come apart on it's own.

Turns out the only tools I used were:

  • Hammer
  • Power Drill
  • Pilers
  • Socket set / wrench
  • Mole Wrench
  • Muscles + brute force
  • My Brain

No crowbar was needed, but I probably need a new IKEA Hammer.

All that now remains is the concrete floor with drain and three 4x4 posts that are concreted into the ground.

Which leaves the problem of what to do with the space now. Do we cut the post to ground level? Do we cut the posts to 2 feet high and build a fence to enclose the area? Do we cut th e posts to 18 inches high, get some more footers and build a deck using the existing three posts as part of the design? I'm not sure but I have a big mess to clean up.

I wish when people built things they would use screws instead of nails. Screws are so much easier and safer to remove when you take things aparts. Nails are nasty, rusty, and dangerous. Yeah I know they are cheaper but come one, quality people, don't screw you future self.


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