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Back in 1998, Akamai was formed and quickly became the goto company if you needed to broadcast video on the internet - YouTube wasn't going to be invented for many more years. Apple used them to stream events - and still do - as does the BBC for iPlayer. They are what is known in the business as a CDN (Content Delivery Network). They put your content on lots of servers scattered around the globe to speed up access for users.

They are very expensive. I wasn't Steve Jobs, I could never afford them.

Around 2010 the ISP that I used (and still use) Dreamhost announced that they had done a deal with a new startup where you could get CDN access for free, or if you wanted fancy features $5/month.

I was curious, I tried it with my own web-site, it worked, all the static assets (JS Code, pictures, static HTML) loaded faster. I didn't build web-sites for living, I forgot about them.

In the summer of 2012, I became the CTO of the company I work at and while our site worked, it was slower than I wanted. Ourselves and our main customers were on the West Coast of the USA. Our servers were in Chicago, a good 2,000 miles away. Needing a way to speed up access without moving the servers, I remembered that startup. I tested it out. Our local node was in San Jose, 20 miles away, it was so much faster. They had many plans to choose from. Free, $10/month (pro), $200/month (business) and $$$ (enterprise).

I suggested to the CEO that we invest $200 a month in their services to speed up our sites.

He said...

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