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Making decisions with flare

Exercise: 2.6 mile walk
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We left part three, yesterday with...

    I suggested to the CEO that we invest $200 a month in their
    services to speed up our sites.
    He said...

But before we get onto what he said, last week I made a decision to buy a new phone. I hadn't done that for three years and while my existing phone still worked, camera technology had moved on enough that it was time to get a new one, which hopefully will last at least 2-3 years before is even a hint of a good reason to upgrade. The new phone arrived today, I'm happy with the New "Blue" Shiny toy.

Now, back to the story. The CEO said yes to spending $200 a month of the little funds our cash starved startup had, I think it is one of the best ways we have every spent $200.

For this $200, not only do they speed up all our static assets, but are the world leaders in DDoS protection, the fastest scalable and distributed DNS Service, the fastest CDN, provide Software Load Balancers, traffic analytics, Traffic Routing over their private backbone to speed up our customers access to our sites, provide protected access via Zero Trust Authentication to our in-house servers, provided free SSL certs when they cost hundreds of dollars to buy, the first to support HTTP/2, and now QUIC & are always on the leading edge for on the fly compression plus a whole slew of features I don't have the time to explain.

But you know what is rather special. As the company has grown in size, and every year added more and more services - almost all of which we use - the price of the service has become cheaper. We're still paying $200 a month - eight years later - not a single increase in price, for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited DDoS protection, a free Web Application Firewall, and anything new they add.

I don't know what Akamai would charge for these services - remember Akamai, the original CDN from 1998 - but I do know that not only would it be more than $200 a month and we still couldn't afford it.

Who is this scrappy startup from 2010? Well, they are a scrapy public company now, and of course - full disclosure - I own their stock.

If all you can afford is "nothing", and you have a web-site, I would advise you to check them out. It'll cost you nothing, and you'll be better off for it. Even this website uses them.

I'm very glad that I did, way back in 2010.

Some decisions you may regret, this was - in my opinion - one of my better decisions. One that only gets better with age.

Checking out cloudflare.com that is.


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