1 year ago 🥁 for day 157, 2021 with 320 words.

Day 8: Too Many Joushas

Exercise: Walking (in 90°F heat - at 10am in the morning)
Piano Song of the day: No Piano today

Miles Driven: ~260 Miles (418 km)

We are back in Bakersfield (again) as we start the return journey home. But first we visited Joshua Tree National Park, home to an endless number of Joshua Trees and very large sandstone rock formations.

At this time of year it is very hot (90°F / 32.3°C and above), but also very very dry, no shelter from the sun, and no cell service should you get lost.

Consequently we limited ourselves to a few activities:

  1. Sunset at Keys View. From here you can see the whole Coachella / Palm Springs desert valley - and just how polluted it is. You get a fantastic view as the sun sets and the sky lights up orange and pink - again from the pollution.

  2. Skull Rock. Sand and wind erode the rock formations in odd ways and sometimes you can see things in the formations. In this case a nose and a couple of eye sockets.

  3. Arch Rock. Again, like the rock formations at Arches National Park, this one is a small arch, although we would say that it was more the shape of an elephants head and trunk.

  4. Hidden Valley. A 1.1 mile (1.7 km) walk into a valley that is surrounded on all sides by rock formations. The consequence being its own microclimate, with pine trees that aren't anywhere else in the park, and a lack of Joshua Trees.

We plan to go back and do some of the longer hikes, when the weather is a lot cooler. A 1 mile hike at this elevation, temperature, humidity (or the lack of it) feels like a 3 mile hike. There are some 4-6 mile hikes that we would definitely like to undertake in the future.

Tomorrow piano playing will resume, if I remember how :-)

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