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Day 7: London Bridge (was taken down)

Exercise: Walking
Piano Song of the day: No Piano today

Miles driven: ~210 (338 km)

Today I stood on London Bridge, which might at first seem a little odd as I was only in the Grand Canyon the day before. If I said that the temperature was 109°F (42.7°C), it would seem quite incredible that it would ever get that high in London. Now if I told you that there were palm trees growing nearby you would think I was in some alternative universe where global warming had accelerated and everywhere was a good 30°F (15.5°C) hotter.

Apart from the parallel universe and global warming angle, everything else is true. I was standing on London Bridge, built in 1831 and re-built in 1970.

A strange thing happened to the bridge which explains why I stood on it today. By 1962 it was deemed unsafe for modern traffic and to make way for it's replacement (New London Bridge) it was sold. But who would buy a bridge? Robert P. McCulloch it would seem. He wanted to build a new resort in the desert, but couldn't find anyone interested in buying property as... well, because it was desert. He bought London Bridge, had it taken apart stone by stone, shipped to the USA, transported to the desert and reassembled - with structural reinforcements. He now had a bridge in the desert. Then he dredged a channel to make water flow from the colorado river, under his bridge and now had a resort that people were interested in.

Today we visited Lake Havasu City, which in 1968 was desert and now has a population of 50,000, It is a huge tourist destination, especially if you have a boat it seems. It comes complete with Red Telephone Boxes, a scaled version of the Trafalgar Sq Fountain, Red Post Boxes and most important fish & chips.

Walking on the bridge, complete with the original lights, stones etc. If you blinkered you eyes so that you couldn't see the palm trees and you ignored the motor boats and jet skis, you could imagine yourself back in London walking on the very same bridge, and up to the mid sixties, that is exactly what people did. I quite possibly did - before it was sold.

Full Story care of Wikipedia here

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