2 years ago 🥁 for day 100, 2020 with 255 words.

Day 465

Days Sheltering in place: 24.
Spare rolls of toilet paper: 5.

Quite unimaginable really, the length of the streak. I’m so snowed under at work that I have rarely been looking forward to writing but typing I am - even if it means on an iPhone in the 6ft apart queue outside Trader Joe’s waiting to get in. That is exactly how I’m doing this today.

It’s now several hours later and I’m sitting in bed with my Bluetooth keyboard and iPad. While in Trader Joe’s that did spot a product that falls into the rare category of “paper goods”. Not toilet paper, no, none of that to be found but there was a couple of packs of paper-towels. I didn’t buy them because [a] I have plenty and [b] I don’t use them that much. Tea-towels (or dish-towels as they are called over here) suffices for most things.

I’m starting to buy in bulk, well semi-bulk. Not that I need to, but to avoid the whole shopping experience - which now includes standing 6 feet from the cashier while they ring everything up and pack it in paper bags before you are invited to pay. Want to use your own reusable bag - like we have all been trained and encouraged to do, nope, can’t do that anymore. Goodbye more trees.

BTW: Anybody that has an iPad and does a lot of writing, get yourself a keyboard you really won’t regret it.

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