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Day 4: Leaving Las Vegas

Exercise: my feet were made for walking
Piano Song of the day: No Piano today

We saw the rest of the strip this afternoon having visited the Carroll Shelby Museum, mainly to look at the Shelby Cobra's, which are basically a British AC Cobra with a Ford Engine. Mustang fans in the US know of Shelby for the GT500 Cobra version which is where they take a Ford Mustang and modify it to turn it into a real fast muscle car worthy of the Mustang name.

What I didn't know from watching the movie Le Mans 66 (or Ford vs Ferrari as it is called in the US) was that Carroll Shelby won the Le Mans race himself, driving an Aston Martin. It's a good movie if you haven't seen it, even if you don't like racing cars. A good movie is about the people and the story, and this is a good story.

Need to add an AC Cobra to my dream car collection, along with my E-Type Jag & Lotus 6.

One of the best things in Vegas to see if the fountain display. Now I have seen fountains, but never like this. Until the new ones in Dubai, these were the largest in the world, and as I have no reason or desire to go to Dubai are the largest I will probably ever see. Unlike a standard fountain, the jets can be programed to twist and turn to produce dancing patterns set to music. They vary from low heights to 460ft height (that's up to the 24th floor of the hotel).

There are a lot of videos of the fountains in action, none of them really do it justice, but here is a sample video.

The best part is that the show is free, and there is a new show every 15 minutes 8pm - midnight.

Top temperature today: 113°F, that's 45°C, don't come to Vegas in June unless you want to melt.

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