1 year ago 🥁 for day 300, 2020 with 218 words.

Day 300, Eight Days to Go

Exercise: nope.
Keyboard Practice: nope.

I don’t write political posts, or rather I didn’t, apologies and all that jazz.

Today is the three hundredth post for this year as we close in on a 700 day streak - pass day 666 shortly, closely followed by the two year mark and then who knows what 2021 will bring.

Meanwhile, after four years in the making, in eight days time, with fingers crossed I will go to the polls and hopefully vote in a new President. I t’s not a certainty although California will 100% vote for somebody new. Still Inwill vote if only to make sure that whomever does win, also wins the popular vote - unlike the current one.

Now I’m normally pretty laid back and don’t write political posts, so the fact that I am is a sign of just how bad things have gotten, and not just for the USA but the effect on the whole planet from our Dumb Dumb in chief

Not that we’ll know the vote result right away, and not that he’ll go quietly,

And with twenty words to go, I better finish this so that I can go to sleep and when I awake it will only be seven days to go

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