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Day 3: Viva Lost Vegas

Exercise: my feet hurt
Piano Song of the day: No Piano today

I did see a baby grand in a hotel, but I suspected that the diners nearby wouldn't have appreciated my practising my Vivaldi Spring rendition anyway.

Today was the first of two days exploring Las Vegas, the strip, the former strip - the one you see in all the classic movies and TV shows - plus a couple of museums.

First up was the Burlesque Hall of Fame, which told the story of the origins of Burlesque. While I knew little of the subject matter, it is of course still popular (both with Men and with Women - yes you could consider the Chippendales Burlesque dancers, even though they don't wear pasties and twirl them). Turns out one of the earliest was British Blondie.

While waiting for the next Museum to open we went to explore Area 15 (an obvious play on Area 51) which is a indoor multi-media warehouse type place. They had an immersive van Gogh exhibition. It was a relaxing affair. It was interesting seeing his art displayed in a 360° situation where you could get up and walk around as it was shown, with each piece of art brought to life.

Then off to the Neon Museum where old signs go to die. They have the original Stardust Casino sign and more interesting the original Hard Rock Cafe neon Guitar from the original Hard Rock Cafe - which as you will have guessed is in Las Vegas.

Behind the glitz Las Vegas is feeling run down and past its prime. It's a big tourist destination but it all seems to be about getting drunk and spending money. It's sort of like Disneyland but without all the Disney and smoking and alcohol thrown into the mix.

Las Vegas is generally following the CDC guidelines, which state that if you have been fully vaccinated you don't have to wear masks. Hotels and stores get to decide whether to enforce mask wearing - the museum we went into did. Most places don't, so if you didn't look closely, you would think that CIOVID was a thing of the past, and no longer an issue at all.

Finally, I can verify that Gordon Ramsay can cook, or rather the staff he hires and instructs on how to cook the food his way, know how to cook his food, his way. There are at least four Gordon Ramsay establishments in Las Vegas, Hell's Kitchen probably being the most famous as that is where the TV series is filmed.


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