1 year ago 🥁 for day 9, 2021 with 240 words.

Da Da Da

Exercise: nope.
Days of COVID: 299

We watched an satirical recap of 2020 on NetFlix called "Kill 2020", recommended. Plenty of swearing, which 2020 definitely deserves.

Also put the tree and decorations away for another year. They were taken down on Tuesday as that was the 12th day. Then the boxes sat in the dining room until the weekend. As I had to get the ladder out to put the boxes up on the high shelf in the garage I took the opportunity to fix the Welsh flag that flys outside our house. It had managed to get itself tangled up somehow, and while it normally untangles after a while I had given up waiting.

By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday that I have running water again as the plumber working next door came as promised Friday morning and within an hour had cut the pipes and put in the new pressure reduction valve and cut-off ball valve.

I'm sure this is all incredibly boring.

I did start reading again though, and by "reading" I mean real books. Current the semi-autobiography of John Peel - a famous British DJ. It's semi-autobiographical because he had only completed a third of it because having an unexpected heart attack while on holiday in Peru. His wife, family & friends finished the rest. This morning I finished the section that he wrote himself which is sad as these were his last words.

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