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Case of the New Custom

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I have always kept my smart phones in cases. My non-smart phones, never were. But having broken at least three smart phone screens it’s a case for me. But I am very particular about my cases.

For my 6, 6S, & X series phones I used the same custom case make by Sutterfly. These are slim hard cases where you can upload your own artwork to be printed on it. I use a photo that I took on Santa Monica beach at sunset as I find it works well and is distinctive. I add a URL on the image should somebody find it.

At this point I’m waiting for them to release an iPhone 12 case, which means they are probably waiting for their supplier to build then a blank one they can print on.

Not to be outdone by this I normally buy a temporary case, For my X I had a case I ordered on Amazon arrive the day before the actual phone. This time when I looked I couldn’t find one I liked.

Come the day my phone arrived I still needed a real case, so off I went for an evening stroll to BestBuy to check out their selection. I still couldn’t find one I liked, but I could at least buy a case that I could get on with. I left with a clear silicon case, tinted blue.

I don’t like silicon cases. I like very thin hard cases. I don’t like cases that cover the buttons in any way. If I want to press on a button I want the feel and the response of the actual metal button not some rubbery interface between the actual button and my fingers.

Thus tonight, armed with a stanley knief I cut away all the silicon case parts that I didn’t like to make my own customer silicon case that doesn’t cover any of the buttons. It feels so much better in my hands now. I can grip the actual important parts of the real phone, while still protecting all the bits that get damaged when I drop it, and yes, I am prone to dropping my phone, many times a day.

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