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Covid Accounting 600

Days sheltering in place: 159.
Days writing here: SIX HUNDRED.
Keyboard practice: just a little.

Every Saturday, or Friday if I know I'm going to be away, or Sunday if I'll only be away on Saturday, I do my accounts. This consists of entering all my receipts, reconciling my bank / credit card statements that have arrived during the week, queuing up any bill payments that aren't already automated, checking my cash flow and moving funds to / from savings accounts as needed. Every few months it also means looking at my next stock investment as I have accumulated $2,000 in my tax-deferred account.

Since COVID there has been a change in this process, there is less of it. I used to shop several times per week. I would use a walk to the shops to but supplies as a form of exercise. Now I show once every two weeks, or twice a month if I can stretch it to that and as a consequence that are fewer receipts to enter, fewer transactions to reconcile and overall less accounting work which gives me more free time to practice on my keyboard (the non-computer one).

Oh, and SIX HUNDRED DAYS I'm not sure I can stop now.

PS: Karen does most of my reconciliations nowadays as an extra set of eyes on the household expenses.

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