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Cost of New Shiny

I tend to upgrade only when needed or when it will make a real difference. I still use a mid-2014 MacBook Pro. It hasn’t been replaced because it hasn’t died. Also, until recently Apple didn’t have a decent replacement. Now they have.

I went from an Original AppleWatch to a Series 3 and then to a Series 5. I skipped the Series 2 even though I wanted the waterproofing and I skipped the Series 4 even though I wanted the EKG and fall detection. I very nearly didn’t get the Series 5, after all the cheapest one is $420 (on sale).

Sometimes I upgrade when the cost is attractive. This was one of those times,

My wife had the opportunity to get a new Series 5 for £189 ($245) which was a steal. If we could sell our old watches for a decent price we could - in theory - upgrade both of our watches quite cheaply and this is what she proposed we do. This is the tally:

  • New watch for me: $420
  • New watch for Karen: $245

Total cost of new watches: $645

  • Sell AppleWatch Series 3 LTE: $170
  • Sell AppleWatch Series 4: $250

Total received from selling: $420

Net cost for two new watches: $225

Cost per watch: $112,50

Note: taken in isolation Karen made a $5 profit upgrading from a Series 4 to a Series 5, while the cost would have been $250 for myself which is why I wouldn’t have upgraded outside this scenario.

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