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Exercise: Walk to Trader Joes
Piano Song of the day: Minuet in G (in C), 190 / 196 notes

Yes, an extra 68 notes, two per bar, difficult stuff but the last six notes are the worst. The are a quick bass run at the end of the bar and I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off.

      "If I had that little confidence in my code, I wouldn't push on a Friday night either"
                -- Yorick Phoenix

We pushed the latest release of our WebApp Sunday evening, which is two days late. We try to push out a new release, with at least one new feature / enhancement every three weeks - plus bug fixes, and improvements.

We aim to push on Friday evening - more on that later - but the Dev Team were late getting everything past code review and functional testing to hand-off to QA. They were three days behind. The QA found something on Sunday, which had to be fixed, reviewed and tested.. Finally it was pushed out to the servers Sunday evening in time for we to go prune and water my roses and watch John Oliver.

But back to Friday. Ideally we freeze on Wednesday, which gives QA two days to do the regression test, and Dev a day to fix anything QA finds. Everything normally works to plan and we push Friday night.

In the development world there is a lot of advice about not pushing a new release to production on a Friday night. The rational being that you are going to ruin your weekend with bugs in the new release.

We push to production on Fridays for the opposite reason, we want to take the weekend off and relax. the difference.

We have confidence that we'll be OK, because we have done enough reviews, functional testing, unit testing and QA testing to know whether it can be released.

I figure everyone else has so little confidence in their own code that pushing on a Friday scares them.

Amateurs I say, the lot of them.

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