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Flight Of The Snow Birds

Exercise: Walk to Trader Joe’s.
Keyboard: Little Frosty Dummer Boy.

My iPad is updating to the release candidate of iOS 14.3 so this post is being written on my iPhone. Thankfully my Bluetooth keyboard supports three devices so it’s easy to switch between my computer, iPad and iPhone.

My iPad has rebooted so continuing on the larger screen.

It’s winter, it’s cold almost everywhere - well more than half the planet.

It’s cold. Yes I know I live in California, not Europe at the 38th parallel so much further south and inline with the Mediterranean - you can see why Rin winters in Cyprus (normally).

But it’s cold. My watch says it’s 53°F (11.6°C) which if I was in Wales I wouldn’t think anything of. Sure I would wrap up warm but not have an issue until things got down to 0-3°C.

You have to remember that California is desert, it is very dry. Humidity affects temperature so 21°C here is a plesant warm day and in the UK is a heatwave.

Also, while it is 53°F, you have to remember that the summers are 105°F (40°C). A 50 degree change in temperature is going to feel cold. It doesn’t matter if its 70 -> 20 or 105 -> 55, it’s a big enough difference to feel it.

The solution, fly south for summer. In my case, Phoenix, Arizona is pretty far south, or Florida and that is what a lot of people do. Snow birds they are called. They fly south to avoid the snow and fly north again in spring when things warm up again at home.

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