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Cleaning problem

Exercise: Gardening
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    "There is no need to do any housework at all.
     After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse."
            — Quentin Crisp

There is a problem with cleaning that doesn't happen if you don't do it. Once you start you'll notice all the places that aren't clean. When they are all equally dirty, somehow it all looks OK. But clean somewhere and you are in trouble.

Last weekend I brought a light fitting and when I went to fit it, the mounting bracket was missing. I was about to return it to Lowes except for two reasons:

  1. I remembered that it was the last one on the shelf
  2. There was a note in the box saying "don't return it to the store, call them"

On Monday I called them, and they kindly sent me a new light fitting, at their cost, including express shipping. They could have sent me the missing bracket, but they sent me the whole fitting, which I assume was easier - for them.

It arrived on Friday, which was good timing as I installed it today in the laundry room, which is now brightly lit.

This evening I noticed that we have one light fitting of this old-style left, it's in the walk-in closet. However, the fitting I just brought, will be way too bright - it has a built-in LED 65w (equivalent) bulb. It will be blinding for the walk-in closet. 40w is enough, so hopefully, I'll be able to find a suitable fitting when I'm next at the store looking for a new kitchen fitting. In a discussion today I discovered that Karen always thought the existing one was hideous, but as the dining room light was so much more hideous she wasn't too bothered. Now the dining room light is fixed, it is more noticeable.

That is the problem with replacing lights, like cleaning, the more you replace, the more you notice there are other lights that need replacing.

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