1 year ago 🥁 for day 27, 2021 with 264 words.


Days of COVID: 317
Exercise: None.
Welsh word of the day: gwr tŷ (house husband).

It's becoming a chore. Sitting here every night writing my words. I shouldn't feel like this but I do. Maybe I'm completely out of ideas - for now - and that is why it is feeling that way.

I'm behind on reading everyone else's posts as well. Apologies for that too.

I have been practicing my piano playing though. It's interesting the effect of spending your own money has on motivation. It also helps that the product that I am using makes learning fun, which up until now really hasn't been.

I did finish a book and a half this year so far which considering the fact that I don't think I finished an entire book last year - even though I did install a bookshelf in the bedroom for the books I hadn't read.

I finished "Ask your developer" by Jeff Lawson, which is OK. Jeff's maybe not the best writer in the world and he probably knows it. I finished the auto-biographical section of John Peel's biography which, like his radio shows, was quite wonderful but unfortunately he only got to cover a small section of his life before his heart attack on vacation and the rest of the book is finished by his wife, children and friends.

I'll probably try reading some of the rest to see how I do, but really they are not going to get close to his style so I am undecided as to whether to continue.

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