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Chocolate Chips

Days sheltering in place: 179.
Exercise: working?
Keyboard Practice: endless repeating sonata.

I have learnt some more notes as I now progress on to the third postIt™ note stuck to the whiteboard behind my keyboard. I don't look at them for the same reason I don't look at music, I must look at the keys. Yes, I know this is bad, but first I have trying to get feel for the pacing, something which I did with Für Elise after a lot of practice and experimentation. The thing with moonlight sonata is that you can hit the wrong key and most of the time it sounds simply fine. You can hit D# or E or F#, if it is followed by Ab, C or C# everything just sounds fine, This I can use to my advantage.

There are many saving is life such as "It's not the quantity, it's the quality" or "It not the years in your life, but the life in your years" and I think they resonate because they are true.

You know that feeling when you are eating something, and you just can't stop. There is a reason for that, you are consuming the quantity because the quality is not there. You keep eating, hoping to reach satisfaction, but it never comes.

I have my suspicions that this is part of why some countries have a huge overweight and diabetes issue. The food is junk, it is full of sugar instead of fat and the body never gets satisfied by it,

So, when it comes to chocolate, quality does matter, a lot. A small piece of quality chocolate beats a pound or kilo of junk. Give me an ounce of the good stuff and I'll turn down any quantity of most American mass marketed junk they don't really have a right to call Chocolate.

When I have finished for the day, I treat myself to a handful of quality chocolate chips which I suck on to absorb all the flavor, trying hard not to chomp on them and swallow. If I do it right the deep dark flavor lasts for ages.

The longer you can suck on chocolate the better it is, and these - they are the same ones that go in the home baked chocolate chip cookies, of which I get one per day - are a delight.

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