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Cheating the system

People say "rules are meant to be broken", I'm not sure who these people are, but I gather that they exist and they say things like that.

I arrived home four minutes to midnight with a 1% battery level on my phone. I knew I would be home late tonight but not this late. I really didn't plan for this and while I could have tried to write a semblance of a post in 3 minutes or wrote the post that I wanted to and asked @owen to kindly back-date it, another thought occurred to me: I could hack the entire process and hope @owen doesn't mind.

As long as I made a post before midnight I would be good. It didn't matter if it was total gibberish, if I marked it private nobody would see it, but it would still count towards my streak - assuming the private post streak counting bug has been fixed.

I quickly copied yesterdays post, gave it a new title - which is the one above - made a private post and relaxed. My plan was to edit the post completely replacing the contents. Major edits are frowned upon and this is as major as they get. I could have written anything, but instead decided to come clean in hope that the novelty of it would be enough to get a free pass.

On my recent trip to the UK I purposely didn't change the TimeZone setting. I now had until 8am the following morning to make my deadline. Yes it meant that I couldn't post again until after 8am, but that was OK, I am never in a creative state to write at 8am anyway.

Extrapolating on this meant that I could be in California with a Hawaii Timezone. It would give me an extra 3 hours past midnight to write my post and still count. This is assuming that the timezone is saved when you edit. The quick copy / paste that I did was done with a California TimeZone.

I switched my TimeZone to Hawaii, wrote this new post on top of the private post, marked it public and fingers crossed I haven't lost my streak.

Hopefully this works and will be considered a one-time allowable exception.

PS: I can not condone anyone else using this technique.


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