6 months ago 🥁 for day 187, 2021 with 250 words.


Exercise: two-mile walk to Michaels & Trader Joe's
Piano Song of the day: Sonate 11 - Mozart (both hands 125/136 notes)

Two more notes, not much, but I'm struggling. While I played 125 of the correct notes, I never did without rewinding the score and fixing the bits that I fluffed. So really I played 150 notes, or which 125 were correct. Still, it shows, with enough practice, that I will make a straight run of 125 notes and progress onwards. All the key changes (both hands) don't help in the slightest.

Today I fixed one more of the plumber's problems, all before breakfast.

This evening I had to drag out a USB CD Player because I received a CD from the UK. Yes, an actual real CD, baby! It was a solo EP from an artist that used to be in, what is quite possibly my all-time favorite band - XTC. Anyway, still recording tracks in his retirement, it was only released on CD format. No streaming, no downloading, not on iTunes, or AppleMusic or Spotify.

I have two Apple USB DVD / CD Players / Burners (AKA: the SuperDrive). One is encoded for the UK for ripping UK Movies and one is encoded for USA for ripping US Movies. Movies that I legitimately own you understand, but ones that having them in digital format would be handy.

Thus before I could actually listen to the CD I had to rip it first, now that is quite funny when I think about it.

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