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Days of COVID: 321
Exercise: Chores
Welsh word of the day: Garej (Garage)

"Have you or has anyone you live with flown on an aircraft in the last ten days?"

That was the first question I was asked when I went for my eye appointment today. I was due one last year, but you know, I decided to wait it out but you can only wait so long.

Turns out that my eyesight is getting better - which it seems to do with every appointment I go to. Not wearing glasses except for driving, walking, movies and if absolutely needed small print on bottles seems to be paying off. Apparently I'm not a candidate for Lasik as I then need glasses for everything but driving.

This weekend was catch-up time to cross of as many things as possible, plus encourage the two racoons that seem to be living in one of our palm trees that they should probably relocate elsewhere as we have no food for them.

In August 2019 we flew across the country to see our favorite British band at a small venue in Florida. At the concert they had a limited run of a hand printed concert posters, which on a whim I purchases knowing full well that the chances were high that I could get everyone in the band to sign it. I also brought some original vinyl pressings that were in my possession since my youth and the drum stick that I had caught at a gig in San Francisco the previous year.

Yes we met the band (again), yes they signed the poster and the drummer signed the drum stick at which point the heavens opened and we all got soaked running across the parking lot for the car while trying to protect this important souvenir. It got wet. We suspected it would be ruined.

We carefully dried it out and while there were water stains on the back, they hadn't bleed through the thick cardboard it had been printed on. The next day we went to a office supplies store to get a tube to store it in and since getting it home it has sat for the last 20 months on the dining table under piles of books slowly getting flattened.

Tonight, from an item on my todo list I finally ordered the custom frame and mat to rescue it from under the books and onto our wall.

I also took the opportunity to order a second custom mat so that the Sunflower Girl will also be properly framed for display on my office wall.

Pictures to follow.


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