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Cat food from Amazon

Recently @owen tweeted that somebody kept stealing his Amazon cat food deliveries from his patio. Somebody commented that he really should be buying it from a local pet food store. Owen discussed all this on the latest Charged Podcast - offset: 5:45 - where he defended his position on ordering cat food from Amazon.

I'm totally with @owen on ordering cat food from Amazon. If I can't carry it home, or at least on a bike then unless I happen to be passing in a car on the way to or from somewhere else then I'll get Amazon to deliver it. The postal carrier is driving their van past my house six days a week anyway or if Amazon ships it UPS or FedEx then they are good at route optimization (for their own profits). Most things I can carry home - I live near a Best Buy, WalMart, Target, Trader Joes, Home Depot, Lowes, etc, but some things are just too bulky / heavy to walk home with or involve a car ride.

Amazon allows me to pick a day each week to have all my orders delayed and delivered on that day, or most consumables - eg: cat food, toothpaste, etc - I get a monthly subscribe-n-save delivery. Buying those things at my local Target / WalMart isn't really any different to buying from Amazon. The goods were trucked to the store from far away, they are a local store but the goods aren't really local. Local farming produce sure for many reasons, my local wineyard, sure why not. Everything else isn't local.

Sure I drive an electric car (most of the time) so my car argument possibly isn't 100% on the money, but that electricity to charge it has to come from somewhere so yes it is.

Hopefully the person who stole Owen's cat food used it to feed homeless cats.


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