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Thumb Thight

Days of COVID: 325
Exercise: 20 mins on the cross trainer
New Welsh word of the day: Newydd (New)

So the piano playing is continuing. I'm using SimplyPiano which is a lot of fun, although it really does let you get away with a lot of bum notes.

Now I'm at the stage of playing the C-Major positioning with my right hand or the F-Major.

Then the same with my left hand, C-Major or F-Major.

And any of you that play piano probably know where I am going with this because a bunch of the music I have been practicing is:

Left hand: F-Major
Right hand: C-Major

And you know what that means, the thumb on the left hand plays middle-C.

And the thumb on the right hand plays.... middle-C.

That's right, one key on the piano and two fingers both trying to play it. Well two thumbs really, which are still fingers arn't they, or maybe they aren't. I think they are and thumb is just the name given to one of them.

Anyway. Yes we have the same note played with both hands. Conveniently with the thumb in both cases.

How do you know which hand to use you ask?

Well, if you read sheet music you know the answer to this one because the note has two different positions on the stave depending on whether you are using your left hand or right hand. Technically you could probably cheat and use the finger nearest and maybe professionals do exactly that.

For me though, the student, I will continue to use the appropriate thumb.

The thing is the note always sounds lower when played with my left hand, even though I know it isn't.

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