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Building, Left.

Exercise: 4+ mile beach walk
Welsh word of the day: Croeso (Welcome)

It's not a case of if a hard drive will completely die, it's a case of how soon as it is a given that it will, one day, probably with no warnings.

One of the partitions of my 4TB external drive died. It had about 367-400GB of archive data on it.

I suspect I'm going to be OK at reading Welsh, or even writing it, but don't ask me to pronounce it. I can't roll my R's and the phonetics are all screwed up (from my English perspective).

Today is Boxing Day which as I have no servants to give time off to, I can at least give to charity - and an ideal time to do it before the end of the year to make it tax deductible, no, don't get me started on that angle.

Today was the day to try and walk off some of the excess calorie consumption so we drove to the beach and walked it's entire length, then walked it's entire length back. It was nice to get out of the house as I rarely do that nowadays except for essentials like milk & eggs. I have no office, don't go out for meals, don't go to movies or concerts, o hang out with friends. Other than communing with nature and exercise I have no real reason to leave the building, plus I have a nice garden.

Christmas Day I watched - or rather slept through - Wonder Women 1984, sorry can't recommend it. Tonight we watched Midnight Sky which I enjoyed. It's definitely not your hollywood blockbuster formula everyone lives happily ever-after so if you are looking for a cheery Christmas movie go watch "Love Actually" instead.

As I have at least two off-site backups of the archive drive that died - with the latest backup being at 8:36am this morning - I am about 80% of the way to full 100% recovery. I'll leave the restore running overnight and expect everything to be AOK in the morning.

Have I mentioned the importance of backups before.

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